Laurens Vandenbroucke

A Game Created With the Unity Engine (C#)
This project i created together with: Haio De Coster, Van Der Haeghen Kristof, Michels Tim,Van Rompuy Bram, Piqueur Eckhart, Samoey Robin and Demaré Joël

The European union has asked us to create a game for children from 10-12years
and it is supposed to make the children aware of what healthy food is.
So we created a running race game.
In the race you can pickup varius pickups to balance youe engrgy,water,fiber,.. levels.
The player who has a balanced caracter will runn faster others will need to stop for a second by exhaustion.
The game is also very competitive due the hi-score listening and personal account.

Eat well, Then sweat like hell!

Light Dark
Blue Red Grey Purple Green