Laurens Vandenbroucke

Knockback,(programming language: C++, DirectX 9.0c, fMod, nvidia PhysX)

The DAE Game3D Game Awards(2009) Winning game.
A project created together with Dieter Sagaert

Knocback is a 3D c++ DirectX Checkpoint multiplayer race game.
We wanted to add explosions and big cinematic scenes. But because it was a school project we only had limited time to finish and we didn't quite got these in there.
(The code was the most important, the time we could have spent making better graphics/levels/car ... would have been a waste because we weren't quoted on that.)

Features of our dirextX Engine:
- Shader Framework
- Abstract Game
- Abstract Camera Framework
- Abstract PostFX framework
- No duplicate Data
- Multi-threaded loading
- Resource Managment
Features of KnockBack:
- Car Physics
- Custom Camera's
- Hud
- Level Export (Maxscripts)
- Materials
- Menu
- Multiplayer
- No duplicate Data
- Save/Load data from XML files
- Sound
- Timer
- Template Functors
- Particles
- PostFX
- Props
- Sky
- Video
- Water
Light Dark
Blue Red Grey Purple Green